9 must have garden tools

Using the right tools in gardening is the base of effective work. Therefore, it is important to know what tools to use in the garden.

The current range of garden tools is really huge. But even among this variety exist top 9 tools for working in the garden, which every gardener must have, both beginner and experienced.

basic garden tools: hose, saw, scissors, pruner, rakes, hoe, shovel, wheelbarrow and trimmer
  1. Garden hose for watering with a nozzle. A good garden hose nozzle helps save time and water. A good nozzle allows you to control the flow of water. It also no need to go to the tap each time to turn the water on or off.
  2. Saw. For the garden also need to buy a saw. It is useful when pruning thick branches of garden trees. For example, it can be a folding saw, which can be very compact.
  3. Scissors. The scissors must be on your list of necessary garden tools. They will help to open packages with the earth or fertilizer, and also will be irreplaceable during harvesting. In addition, you may need to cut the string. The best option is to buy one pair of scissors with sturdy blades and plastic handles.
  4. Secateurs. For trimming thin branches of trees, it is better to use a pruner. It is strong, and in one motion you can cut a rigid branch. A good pruner must be in the gardener's arsenal.
  5. Rakes. In gardening, you can use several varieties of this tool. So, there are rakes, which are very convenient to clean the leaves in the autumn garden, while others are designed for cleaning in small corners and under bushes. Gardens in which rakes are used for improvement look neat and beautiful.
  6. Garden hoe. This versatile tool can be used, for example, to remove the roots of plants remaining in the upper soil layer. This beautiful garden tool is also useful for gardening.
  7. Shovel. There are different types of shovels for different jobs. They can be used to dig holes for trees and many other tasks. Since the number of tasks is very large, this tool just has to be at each site.
  8. Trimmer. Trimmer - one of the required power tools. The trimmer will help shorten the grass by making a lawn edging.
  9. Wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrow is very necessary if you want to move the earth from one place to another. There is a huge number of models from which you can choose the appropriate option.
  10. Of course, you have the right to add or correct this list, based on your own needs. Remember that any tool must first be comfortable and safe. Then the result will be the maximum.

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