Autumn tree

Autumn works in the garden

  • Collect the fallen leaves and old fallen fruit under the trees, remove the fruits of the mummy.
  • Make protection from rodents - especially this is important for young trees and shrubs.
  • Make rejuvenating or shaping pruning.
  • One of the most important autumn works is the recharge of water in the trees and bushes in dry weather. At the time of the last autumn irrigation, complex mineral fertilizers can be introduced, then the grooves are carefully grounded.
  • Of course, it is very important in the autumn period to cut the bushes and treat them from pests.
  • Do not forget to work with heat-loving plants: they should be sheltered in late autumn before the frosts.
Tools for garden

The most useful garden tools

  • Ax. It will help to dump the dried apple tree, cut and chop wood, shorten the overgrown bush of raspberry.
  • Shovel. The shovel is necessary constantly: to dig up a site in the spring, to make beds for carrots, to plant cherry seedlings or to dig a well.
  • Secateurs. Secateurs are necessary for caring for bushes and small trees. Its special design without problems copes with branches up to 2-3 cm thick.
  • Wheelbarrow. At any garden there is always something to transport: fresh chernozem for flower beds, fertilizer for a greenhouse or brick and cement for construction.
Watering garden

The rules of watering in the garden

  • Do not allow puddles to appear. Plants can not be watered "in advance".
  • When watering, use a sprinkler. A direct jet damages the leaves, and also flushes the soil, where all the useful substances are.
  • Do not take cold water from wells, plants in a literal sense experience a shock, which can adversely affect their health and appearance.
  • It is better to pour once, than much and not enough.
  • The best time for watering in the garden is evening and early morning.
  • The lawn, which has not been watered for a long time, should be gradually moistened. So it's better for the soil.
  • Not recommended abundant watering a young lawn.
  • The interval between watering should be such that the moisture is completely absorbed and the grass dries out.
  • Spend water during irrigation exactly as much as necessary. This will help a special sensor for soil moisture.